What Are the Top Toshiba Laptop Charger of 2024: Top Tips for Longevity & Power

The Toshiba laptop charger is essential for powering your Toshiba laptop. Ensure compatibility before purchasing.

When it comes to keeping your Toshiba laptop charged and ready for use, having a reliable charger is crucial. Without a functional charger, your laptop’s battery can quickly drain, leaving you unable to work or access important files. It is important to choose a charger that is compatible with your specific Toshiba laptop model to avoid any potential damage or issues.

By investing in a high-quality charger, you can ensure that your laptop stays powered up and ready to go whenever you need it. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of choosing the right charger for your Toshiba laptop and provide tips on how to find the best one for your needs.

Toshiba Laptop Charger: Top Tips for Longevity & Power

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Choosing The Right Toshiba Laptop Charger

When it comes to choosing the right Toshiba laptop charger, there are several important factors to consider. From compatibility to the choice between official and third-party chargers, making an informed decision can ensure that your laptop stays powered up and ready to go when you need it most.

Compatibility Matters

Toshiba laptop chargers are not one-size-fits-all. It’s crucial to select a charger that is compatible with your specific Toshiba laptop model. Compatibility can vary based on the laptop’s voltage and connector type, so it’s essential to verify that the charger you choose is designed to work with your device.

Official Vs. Third-party Chargers

When selecting a Toshiba laptop charger, you’ll need to decide between an official charger manufactured by Toshiba and a third-party option. Official chargers are designed and tested by the original manufacturer, ensuring compatibility and quality. On the other hand, third-party chargers may offer cost savings but could pose compatibility or safety risks.

Optimal Charging Practices

Optimal Charging Practices for your Toshiba laptop charger are crucial for maximizing battery life and ensuring consistent performance. By following these best practices, you can prolong the lifespan of your laptop battery and maintain its charging efficiency.

Avoid Overcharging

Overcharging your Toshiba laptop can degrade the battery over time, leading to reduced battery life. Unplugging the charger once the battery reaches 100% can help prevent overcharging and extend the lifespan of your laptop battery.

Charging Before Complete Drainage

Waiting for your Toshiba laptop battery to completely drain before recharging can lead to unnecessary strain on the battery. Charging the laptop when the battery level is between 20% and 80% can help maintain optimal battery health and performance.

Maintaining Your Charger’s Health

To ensure your Toshiba laptop charger’s longevity, unplug it when not in use and avoid overcharging. Keep the charger clean and handle it with care to maintain its health. Regularly check for any signs of wear or damage to prevent potential hazards.

Maintaining Your Charger’s Health

Regular Cleaning

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Toshiba laptop charger, regular cleaning is essential. Dust and debris can accumulate on the charger, affecting its efficiency and potentially causing overheating. Cleaning your charger is a simple task that can be done using a soft cloth or a cotton swab. Gently wipe the surface of the charger, paying special attention to the areas where the cable connects to the power brick. This will help remove any dirt or grime that may have built up over time.

Cable Management

Proper cable management is another important aspect of maintaining your charger’s health. A tangled and twisted cable not only looks messy but can also lead to damage and fraying. To prevent this, it is recommended to store your charger in a way that avoids excessive bending or twisting of the cable. You can use cable organizers or Velcro straps to keep the cable neatly coiled when not in use. Additionally, be mindful of the way you handle the cable while it is plugged in. Avoid tugging or pulling on the cable, as this can strain the connections and lead to potential damage.

By following these simple maintenance tips, you can ensure the longevity and reliability of your Toshiba laptop charger. Regular cleaning and proper cable management will help keep your charger in good condition, allowing you to power up your laptop hassle-free whenever you need to.

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Toshiba Laptop Charger: Top Tips for Longevity & Power

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Troubleshooting Common Charger Issues

Having trouble with your Toshiba laptop charger? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this section, we will discuss some common charger issues and provide easy solutions to get your laptop back up and running.

Loose Connections

One of the most common issues with laptop chargers is a loose connection. This can happen over time due to wear and tear or if the charger is not properly inserted into the laptop. Here are a few steps to troubleshoot this problem:

  1. First, ensure that the charger is securely plugged into both the laptop and the power outlet.
  2. Check for any physical damage or bent pins on the charger or the laptop’s charging port. If you notice any, it may be necessary to replace the charger or have the port repaired.
  3. If the charger is plugged in correctly and there is no visible damage, try gently wiggling the charger while it’s connected to see if it starts charging. If it does, the issue may be with the charger’s connector or the laptop’s charging port, and further investigation or replacement might be needed.

Overheating Solutions

Overheating is another common issue that can affect laptop chargers. When the charger gets too hot, it can lead to performance issues or even damage the charger itself. Here are some solutions to prevent overheating:

  • Ensure that the charger is placed on a flat, hard surface while in use. Avoid using it on soft surfaces like beds or couches that can block the airflow and cause overheating.
  • Clean the charger regularly to remove any dust or debris that may accumulate on the surface. Use a soft cloth or compressed air to gently clean the charger.
  • If you notice that the charger is getting unusually hot, unplug it and let it cool down before using it again. If the overheating issue persists, it might be necessary to replace the charger.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you can easily resolve common charger issues with your Toshiba laptop. Remember to always handle the charger with care and ensure it is properly maintained to prolong its lifespan and keep your laptop powered up.

Improving Charger Longevity

Improving the longevity of your Toshiba laptop charger is essential for ensuring the uninterrupted operation of your device. By implementing a few simple practices, you can extend the lifespan of your charger and avoid the inconvenience of sudden malfunctions. Here are some tips to help you maintain your Toshiba laptop charger for optimal performance.

Protective Cases

Investing in a durable protective case for your Toshiba laptop charger can shield it from physical damage and prevent fraying or bending of the cables. A protective case also minimizes the risk of exposure to moisture or dust, which can lead to corrosion and reduce the charger’s efficiency.

Avoiding Extreme Temperatures

Exposing your charger to extreme temperatures can negatively impact its longevity. Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or near heating sources to prevent overheating or damage to the internal components. Similarly, refrain from using the charger in excessively cold environments, as this can affect its performance and overall lifespan.

When To Replace Your Charger

Identifying Wear And Tear

Look for frayed wires or bent prongs.

Check for discoloration or exposed metal.

Performance Decline Signs

Charger not charging consistently.

Slow charging speeds or overheating.

Toshiba Laptop Charger: Top Tips for Longevity & Power

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1. 65W PA3822U-1ACA AC Adapter Charger for Toshiba Satellite A215 A505 A660 C55 C655 C75 C75D C855 CL15 E45T L645 L675 L755 L850 L855 P200 P55 S55 S75 PA3917U-1ACA PA5177U-1ACA

Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Connector Typebarrel connector
Compatible DevicesLaptops
Compatible Phone ModelsCompatible for Toshiba Satellite laptop charger
Special FeatureShort Circuit Protection
Input Voltage240 Volts
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Wattage65 watts

About this item

  • This Adapter Output:DC 19V 3.42A 65W Input: AC 100-240V 1.8A-0.6A 50-60Hz; Connector Size:5.5*2.5mm; 100% Brand New Fit P/N ADP-65JH BB,PA3467U-1ACA,PA3468E-1AC3,PA3468U-1ACA,PA3714U-1ACA,PA3715U-1ACA,PA3743U-1ACA,PA5034U-1ACA,PA5178U-1ACA,PA5179U-1ACA
  • Compatible for Toshiba Satellite C50 C55 C55D C55DT C55T C75 C75D C655 C655D C855 C855D CL15 CL15T CL45 Satellite A100 A105 A135 A205 A215 A305 A505 A660 A665 P200 P750 P755 P850 P875 S855 S875 S955 L455 L455D L500 L505 L510 L640 L645 L645D L650 L655 L655D L675 L745 L750 L750D L755 L775 L850 L855 L875 L875D U845 U845T U845W Series;Portege R30 R700 R830 R835 R935 Z30 Z40 Z50 Z830 Z835 Z930 Z935 Z835-P330 Series;Mini NB200 NB205 NB250 NB255 NB305 NB505 Series
  • Compatible for Toshiba Satellite C55 C55-A5105 C55-A5180 C55-A5300 C55-B5100 C55-B5101 C55-B5142 C55-B5200 C55-B5201 C55-B5240X C55-B5270 C55-B5296 C55-B5298 C55-B5299 C55-B5300 C55-B5302 C55-B5355 C55-B5382 C55-C5240 C55-C5241 C55-A5104 C55-A5140 C55-A5190 C55-B5202 C55-B5246 C55-B5265 C55-B5272 C55-B5287 C55-B5290 C855D C855D-S5100 C855D-S5106 C855D-S5235 C855D-S5302 C855D-S5303 C855D-S5315 C855D-S5339 C855D-S5340 C855D-S5354
  • All FTYTEN’s products are 100% Brand New;Rigorous quality control;CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified for safety
  • Package: 1x AC adapter laptop charger for Toshiba Satellite, 1x power cord, 1x instruction manual.

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2. 90w Universal Laptop Charger ETL Ac AdapterCompatible with Dell Hp Lenovo IBM Toshiba Acer Asus Samsung Sony Fujitsu Gateway Notebook Ultrabook Chromebook with 3 USB Ports 16 Tips

Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Connector TypeWireless
Compatible DevicesLaptops
Compatible Phone Models90w Universal Laptop Charger ETL Ac AdapterCompatible with Dell Hp Lenovo IBM Toshiba Acer Asus Samsung Sony Fujitsu Gateway Notebook Ultrabook Chromebook with 3 USB Ports 16 Tips90w Universal Laptop Charger ETL Ac AdapterCompatible with Dell Hp Lenovo IBM Toshiba Acer Asus Samsung Sony Fujitsu Gateway… See more
Included ComponentsUniversal Laptop Charger with 3 USB ports and 16 tips
Input Voltage240 Volts
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Amperage20 Amps
Total USB Ports3

About this item

  • [Wide output voltage, 15v-20v] – Input Voltage: worldwide 100-240V, 50 – 60Hz. Output voltage: DC 15V, 16V, 18. 5V, 19V, 19. 5V, 20V, max 90W, compatible Laptop power adapter 75W 70W 65W 45W 40W 33W. Each brand laptop has several different kinds of tips for different models. If you are not sure your laptop tip size, Please send your laptop brand and model number to us before buying, We will give Suggestions. Any problems, Please contact us before return
  • Laptop charger 90W universal Compatible for most laptops Chromebooks Ultrabook’s. Plug and play, Easy to use with automatic voltage adjustment. You can power your different brand laptops with just one laptop power cord. 【Please do not charge laptops over 90W
  • ACER Chromebook 11 13 14 15 C720, C720P R11 C740 Cb3 Cb5, Aspire P3 S5 S7; Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-57D4 E5-575-33BM A114-31-C4HH, CB3-131-C3SZ, CB3-131-C8GZ, 14 CB3-431-C5FM cb3-532 15 CB5-571-C09S; TOSHIBA Chromebook 2 Cb35 CB30,
  • This Adapter works with ASUS F555LA-AB31, X555LA-HI31103J, X502CA X505CA; Compatible with Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241, Satellite A665, C655, L55-A5284, P55-A5200; Dell Inspiron 15 i5558-5718SLV; Acer Aspire One Cloudbook,E5-573G,ES1;Compaq/HP DV5,DV6,DV14/15/2000/4000/5000/6000/8000;IBM/ThinkPad SL300,Flex 3, Yoga 2 11, T440 T550 T450 T450S T540P T440P ADLX65NLC3A; Gateway NV55C; VAIO PCG-505; FUJITSU Lifebook B; Samsung GS6,GT6/7/8 etc
  • 【Service】We provide 12 months warranty,unsatisfied refund within 30 days. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to answer you.

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3. 90W Universal AC Adapter Laptop Charger Replacement for Dell HP Acer Asus Lenovo IBM Toshiba Samsung Sony Fujitsu Gateway Notebook Ultrabook Chromebook Power Supply Cord with 16 Tips

About this item

  • 【Wide input & output】Input:100-240V 50~60Hz worldwide.Output:15V 16V 19V 19.5V 20V,4.5A 90W,65W,45W.★Not compatible with devices’ voltage higher than 90W
  • 【Wide Compatibility】This universal adapter contains 16 optional tips,fit for most laptops,ultrabook,chromebook and so on.Including Dell HP Acer Asus Lenovo IBM Toshiba Samsung Sony Fujitsu Gateway,etc.(As long as the connector of your laptop belongs to one of these 16 tips,it will works.)
  • 【Wide Compatibility】HP ENVY 17 15 TouchSmart Sleekbook M6 M7, Stream 11 13 14 Spectre x360,Pavilion Dv4 Dv6 Dv7 Dm4 G6 G7, DV14 15 2000 5000 6000 8000, Folio EliteBook Probook etc/ Dell Inspiron 11Z-1121 1320 13Z-5323 14-3420 14Z-5423 15R-5537 15R-5520 14R 17R N5010 N7110, Xps Latitude Portege, Studio 15 17 etc/ Lenovo Thinkpad Z60 T410 SL400 SL500 SL510, Ideapad yoga 2 pro 11 11s 13 etc/ Acer Chromebook 11 13 14 15 C720 C720P R11 C740 Cb5, Aspire P3 S7 E5-573G S5 ES1, Travelmate etc.
  • 【Wide Compatibility】 Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM A114-31-C4HH E5-575G-57D4, CB3-131-C3SZ, CB3-131-C8GZ, 14 CB3-431-C5FM cb3-532 15 CB5-571-C09S;ACER Chromebook 11 13 14 15 C720, C720P C740, Aspire P3 S5 S7; TOSHIBA Chromebook 2 Cb35 CB30,, P755 P775 P870 S855 S875 U305 U505; SAMSUNG GS6/GT6/7/8, X05 Series, VM GT NT; DELL Inspiron 11Z-1121 1320 13Z-5323 14-3420 15R-5520 15R-5537, 14R 17R; LENOVO ThinkPad Z60 T410 SL400 SL510; GATEWAY NV55C Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 14 20DM 20FY 15 20DQ 260 370 460
  • 【Wide Compatibility】 Asus Zenbook UX21E and UX31E, Chromebook C200 C200MA C300T300LA C300MA X553M, VivoBook etc/ Toshiba Chromebook 2 13.3 inch CB35 CB30, Satellite C55-C5241,P755 P870 P875 S855 U305 U505 etc/ ASUS X551MA F555LA-AB31 X550ZA-WH11 X551 X555LA K501UX etc/ Samsung AtivBook GS6/GT6/7/8 X05 VM GT NT etc/ Sony VAIO VGP-AC19V39 VGP-AC19V47 etc/ Fujitsu Lifebook etc/ Gateway NV55C etc./ Presario Evo vostro pro Folio OMEN AcerNote Extensa series
  • 【Warranty】We provide our customers with no-reason refund within 30 days and 24-month product warranty.Also,please do not hesitate to tell us about the models or product if you have any questions.We have 24-hour E-mail reply 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Toshiba Laptop Charger?

A Toshiba laptop charger is a device that supplies power to a Toshiba laptop.

How Do I Know Which Charger Is Compatible With My Toshiba Laptop?

To find a compatible charger, check your laptop’s model number and look for a charger with the same voltage and amperage.

Can I Use A Non-toshiba Charger For My Toshiba Laptop?

Using a non-Toshiba charger may damage your laptop and void your warranty. It is recommended to use a Toshiba-approved charger.

Why Is My Toshiba Laptop Charger Not Working?

There could be several reasons why your charger is not working, such as a faulty charger, damaged charging port, or a dead battery. It’s best to consult a professional for assistance.


After considering the various aspects of Toshiba laptop chargers, it is clear that they are an essential accessory for any Toshiba laptop owner. It is important to choose the right charger for your laptop to ensure its longevity and optimal performance.

By adhering to the guidelines provided by Toshiba, you can ensure that you purchase a high-quality charger that meets your needs. Investing in a Toshiba laptop charger is a wise decision that will benefit you in the long run.

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